Company Seal: 4 Essential Points You Need to Know!

Company seals or common seals are office supplies that widely utilize by companies or organizations. Company seals are not the same as company stamps. Both are used when it comes to document authorization, but their applications are quite different. So, how is the seal applied? Find out the answer and more essential information about the company seal below! 

1. Company Seal: An Introduction 

Let’s first talk about what the company seal is all about? So basically, the company seal is usually affixed to the document as a sign of official approval from the company or organization. So once the seal is affixed, that means a deed and act was under a company or organization. Therefore, prior approval from the board of directors or other authorities is needed before the seal is applied. 

For the application, the seal cannot be applied freely. Only high-level and vital documents such as international business documents, high-level contracts, share certificates, and other that allowed to be authorized using the seal. Besides, the application is not only limited for companies or organization as the individual person can have access to the seal to process legal documents.  

2. Is the Company Seal Still Relevant Now? 

In some countries, a company seal is still mandatory to authorize legal documents. But in the others, the seal is no longer needed. However, even though the seal is no longer mandatory, many companies and organizations still apply seals to their important document. Here is the reason why! 

  • The seal is applied to vital documents as a sign of authenticity. 
  • Applying the seal can minimize the risk of documents forgery. 
  • When having a business with an international company where the seal is still needed, then there is no reason for not having the seal.  

3. Table Seal or Pocket Seal? 

Now about the seal, many people don’t know which one suits them well. Table seal or pocket seal? While these two items will eventually create a seal on the document, figuring out which one best fits your needs is absolutely important. So here are some details about both items!  

  • The pocket common seal, of course, will be lighter compared with the table seal. This seal is easier to carry to different places. 
  • The table seal is sturdier and heavier. It is perfect for long term use and for those who use it daily or frequently!  

4. What Do We Need to Know Before Using A Company Seal? 

Here are some more tips you need to know before using the seal! 

  • Please read and understand the state laws regarding company seals before using them! 
  • You will not be offered a seal by the state secretary since it is mandatory for registering corporation. You will need to find and purchase it yourself at an office supply retailer or company seal in Singapore.  
  • There are some rules to follow to make a seal legal. First, there must be two officers who become witnesses in the process of applying the seal. Second, as a witness, the two officers must sign their signature on the documents as well. Both of these officers can be the chief executive, executive directors, or another officer with the authority. 

Alexis Lewis