4 Websites and Applications for Making Name or Business Card!

A business card or name card is something that must be owned in the professional and business world. Typically, it contains the owner’s personal information such as personal or business name, occupation, company, logo, and contacts. Usually, people used it to expand their networks. But, it can also be used to market products or services. Besides, people love to use it since it is easy to create. You can make it independently or ask for professional help to get your design. Then, don’t forget to print it at a trusted and professional printing service such as business card printing in Singapore. If you decide to make it your own, here are some websites and applications that can be used in creating a name card or business card!

1. Canva

Have you heard of Canva before? Canva is a graphic design platform that can be accessed online on a mobile phone or personal computer. The platform has tons of templates for presentations, logos, resumes, Instagram stories, and other visual content including names or business cards. Everyone can access it as long as they have internet and gadgets. You can access and create your designs for free, but there are some premium elements that have to be purchased first to remove a watermark on it. One more thing, Canva is one of the simplest design platforms for everyone.

2. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Those are two popular design applications that are widely used in graphic design making. From amateurs to professionals can use these applications. Photoshop can be used in photo editing, graphic design, digital art, or even web design. Also, Illustrator can be used in creating digital or print images. But both of these design apps provide a lot of features that can be explored, especially when you’re creating business cards. You can try to use both applications on either a personal computer or a smartphone.

3. CorelDraw

Another design app that should be on your list is CorelDraw. Basically, CorelDraw is a vector-based design app that is often used in creating posters, brochures, logos, and many more designs including business cards. It also provides users a lot of features to design their business cards. If you are confused about operating it, you can find out some tutorials on how to make business cards using CorelDraw on the internet. You might be surprised at how much content can help you in making your card!

4. Microsoft Word

For most people, Microsoft Word is only a word processor for document creation. But nowadays, Microsoft Word provides a lot of templates for making calendars, resumes, reports, party invitations, or even name cards. You can find the templates immediately after the apps open. There will be a type of document or template that you want to make. So, you can click on more templates, and try to find a name card on it. Once you have got the template, you can begin editing and creating your business card.

Alexis Lewis