Three Stamps that Every Business Owner Needs

For a small business, finding a way to brand your business in a cost-effective manner while showcasing an interesting and professional presentation can be difficult. Enter rubber stamp! 

Rubber stamp allows you to press any sort of impression on various kinds of surfaces. From paper packaging, printed flyers, business cards, thank you cards, down to mails, you can use a rubber stamp to add your personalized touch to them. And most importantly, it allows you to brand professionally on a budget, which means you don’t have to worry to sacrifice the quality of your branding for the sake of frugality. Since a rubber stamp also allows you to stamp countless surfaces, you don’t need to worry about the quantity of your branding as well. 

Here are 3 stamp ideas that you might need for your business: 

1. Logo and Address Stamps 

One of the most common uses of rubber stamps is to create an impression of your company logo. It is a great option for you to increase your brand recognition while preserving that professional look. You can further customize this type of stamp with other elements that represent your brands, such as taglines, phone numbers, and many more. While we’re at it, you might want to add your company address into the equation as well. 

Adding your company address to your rubber stamp is essential especially if you are handling paperwork that has to be completed and sent by hand. Not only will it help people to come to your outlets, but it also enables you to give a return address for your documents. 

Here are some examples of when an address stamp might be needed for your business: 

  • Letterhead 
  • Business cards 
  • Thank-you cards 
  • Mails 
  • Return address 
  • Slips 
  • Sales receipt 

2. Date Stamps 

A date stamp is perfect for documents that need to include certain dates on them. For example, if you are in a restaurant business, you might need this stamp to record your inventory. Another example, if you run a traditional mart, you might need this stamp to record your daily transaction and to stamp your customers’ receipts if necessary 

Date stamps mostly use a type of self-inking stamp. This stamp comes with movable bands that enable you to change the date, month, and year of the stamp easily at any time. Here are additional examples in which you might need a date stamp: 

  • Invoices 
  • Inventory 
  • Receipts 
  • Food packages 
  • Letters 
  • Records 
  • Etc. 

3. Signature Stamps 

As the name suggests, the signature stamp is a personalized stamp that you can use to make an impression of your own signature. This stamp will come in handy when you have to sign a heap of documents at once. All you have to do is to press it on the ink pad and dab it on your documents. Not only will it make your paperwork less tedious, but it will also shorten the processing time and ensure that your signature staying the same throughout the documents, making the process more efficient. 

Here’s the list of things in which a signature stamp may be necessary for you: 

  • Contracts 
  • Pay checks 
  • Thank-you notes 
  • Postcards 
  • Letters and notices 
  • Notarization 
  • Other important documents that require your signature 

Doug Paul