3 Reasons Why You Should Try Making Your Own Bullet Journal Stickers

Are you thinking about decorating your bullet journal? There are varieties of the way that you can try to decorate your bullet journal. You can draw on it, make beautiful and aesthetic hand lettering, apply the sticker on it, or many more ways! 

Sticker is frequently used to make your bullet journal prettier! There are a lot of types and designs of stickers that you can choose to be perfectly applied to your bullet journal. From the calendar, planner, transparent flower, dots or check, characters, and any other sticker can be found both in an offline store or an online store. But, besides buying it, why don’t you think about making it yourself? If you think about that but have no confidence to create it, maybe you need to know the reasons that you can think to convince yourself! So, here are the things you can consider about why you have to create your bullet journal sticker by yourself!

1. You Are Free To Design And Create Any Types Of Sticker

Many people begin to think about making a sticker when they can’t find the sticker that they want to. Maybe do you face the same problem? Even you’re not, creating your sticker gives you an advantage. You are free to design whatever you want for it. If you want to make your favorite idol as a design, of course, you can! You can choose anything for the design. Plus, you can free to choose the best type for your sticker.

Note: You have to know that your self-made sticker quality wouldn’t be better compared to the sticker you buy if you re not concern about the quality of its printing. Because of that, choose professional sticker printing is one of the best decisions that you can make to get a good quality sticker. 

2. Simple to Create

There are two choices when making a sticker. First, make the design by yourself. Second, download the printable bullet journal sticker on the internet. But, both of the options have their pros and cons. As mentioned before, create the design independently make you free to explore the design for the sticker, but it will take more time. For another choice, you won’t need to create the design and spend a lot of time on it, but the design of the sticker is limited. Determine the decision based on your condition. If you have free time and skill to use the design app then try to make it can a good choice for you. But, if you are not able to use the apps, then you can ask someone who mastered it to help you create the design, or you can use the printable sticker template.

Note: Now, there are a lot of designs app that you can access on your phone. Usually, it has simple features so that users can easily create their stickers.

3. Cost-Effective

By choosing to make a bullet journal sticker, you make the cost more effectively. You’ll find that you need to pay cheaper compared to when you buy it. Besides, you’ll get more stickers at the same price that you pay when you buy it. Because of that, you can save more money and allocate it to other useful things.

Alexis Lewis